I want to use what God gave me.














When I was 18, I had a dream that WOKE me up...literally and FIGURATIVELY.  My eyes were opened. I felt awake in my heart, my mind and my soul! I had established my life on some seriously sinky sand and for the first time, the weight of "I never knew you" (Matthew 7:23) sank in.  Like, sank. In.

I was living disconnected from the vine, knowing but never understanding God's word, and wondering why I could never bare any fruit.  I began to read my Bible, not causally, but intentionally, seeking to hear from God. I had questions and doubts and fears galore.   His words lifted off the pages, pierced my heart and brought images and themes to my mind for artworks to create.  

When I create, I feel connected to the Creator. I feel fully alive. It's a wildly intimate time of connection. 

I still have much to learn and a long road ahead of me, but I want a life that is lived on mission, to inspire the world around me to a greater awakening, or conversation with the God who can bring the dead to life!  The dead and damaged heart, mind and soul, back to LIFE! What needs reviving in your life?

My goal is to place myself before the King of Kings, and say, "Here I am, use me!" I believe He can, and is, using a broken artist, who sculpts out of old newspapers that are filled with stories of God's people and those who need Him!  How different would the world be if we all laid ourselves before God, and then stepped into the calling, or gift, we have been given? I want that kind of adventurous life! I want a life FULLY ALIVE! Profoundly influential and intentionally on mission!

Heidi (Cavender) Walter