Barboro Alley

I'm ready to make something amazing for Memphis! It was actually my friend/ sister/ agent, Maude Bryeans who insisted that I throw my hat in on the competition and create something that people could be a part I did. I was nervous to submit, but I was thrilled to build a funky Memphis bridge that is all grit & grind! The bridge was only part of my design, as you can see in the pictures below. The bridge alone was a lot of work, but I was really hoping to be chosen to create a massive installation...I built the bridge as part of my pitch to show that I'm good for it! I can do what I say I wanted to do. I wanted to pour my heart into this project and give it my absolute best!

UPDATE: I did not get chosen for an installation. They said my project was too expensive.

Well, shooooot.

I really wanted an opportunity to make a spectacular piece of public art that highlighted some amazing aspects of our city. And yes, it was going to be expensive...

Disappointed but definitely not out. I'm even more driven to get my hands on something BIG!! I've gone ahead and finished the bridge as it's own piece of artwork and added some pictures at the end.

Chase down your dreams. Stay curious. Add value. Persevere.

It took me a while...but I finally created a life that I absolutely love!

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