When I was an art teacher at Kate Bond Middle...

When I was the art teacher at Kate Bond Middle, my principal asked me to get involved in a local "Beautification" competition for public schools. I said, "Great! Let's do it! What's the budget?" She said, "No budget. Good luck."

I thought long and hard about how to create something beautiful without a budget. I came up with bottle caps. They were colorful and free...if you didn't mind hanging up your pride and doing a little dumpster diving, you could get a whole bunch. So I did. Yuuuuuuuuuck! But it sure felt good to get the help of my students, scrubbing down those bottle caps and then helping me put them in order to create a funky Starry Night! Oh, I guess it also felt pretty good to bring home first place in the category of Creativity!

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Chase down your dreams. Stay curious. Add value. Persevere.

It took me a while...but I finally created a life that I absolutely love!

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