In honor of my friend Jenny, who travels the world and intentionally leaves peace and unity in her wake.  Thank you for sharing my vision and mission to actively promote a beautiful life of togetherness! You totally ROCK my world! I want to encourage your giving, and others who have a heart like yours with bulk rate, discounted vinyl decals! 

Save $20 on 10 Neutral Decals and become a go-giver of peace and unity!  Save $2 on each decal and give till your cheeks hurt from smiling! 


PRODUCT INFO (below) will provide measurements and quality information.


Prefer painted nails? Check out "Go Giver- Diane," for the variety pack with color! 

Go Giver - JENNY

  • FREE SHIPPING! If you are willing to promote Peace and Unity in our sometimes chaotic and divided world, then I will cover the shipping on all your vinyl decal orders!  Keep on giving and leave the getting them to you, to me!

  • Die Cut Vinyl Decals
    Size: 2.19" x 4"

    Die cut vinyl decals are made of thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.

    Great on automobiles and anywhere else you'd love to put an awesome sticker!