Heidi loves art

I'm thinking of adding a video ...here-ish...

To explain a little more about me.

What I do...and why.

Heidi Walter

I am a mixed media conceptual sculptor who gets excited about the idea of creating sculptures out of newspaper. NEWSPAPER?! I know, I know. For a long time, I hid behind the title "Mixed Media Artist" because I was embarrassed to be making art out of old, icky newspaper.  

I am fully aware that making art in a process similar to paper mâché  would be questioned by the fine art world.


But God...

The greatest Creator of all, redeemed the process of reshaping newspaper 

into a beautiful tribute to humanity. God revealed to me that I am doing important work.

I take stories of people and reshape them into artwork that speaks to people.

What started to captivate me in the process of creating, is that newspapers began to transform from inexpensive, dirty materials into a valuable, pliable medium.  Newspapers are filled with stories of people. People in our community and around the globe. I find myself in-between sections of work, reading articles about things that are happening all around me.  From tragic and heartbreaking, to heroic and heartwarming.  As I reshape the paper, I pray. Sometimes I have to fight back the tears, and sometimes I get to create with a smile on my face.  Regardless of fine art opinions, I am choosing to pursue newspaper in my sculptures.  



I'm using what I have been given, to create and continue a conversation.

God speaks to my heart.

My art speaks of my heart.

Plus what I'm doing is totally GREEN and environmentally friendly. That makes me happy as well.

Not everything I make is made out of newspaper...

Other artsy things that I LOVE:

Power tools. Washers. Hubcaps. Metal scraps. Wire.

 Finding treasures and new purposes for things that people discard.

Old fence wood. New fence wood. Wood period. 

Everyday objects used in conceptual and significant ways.

Cardboard! OMG, I looooove Cardboard.

MY CAMERA and all things photography!

Mosaics and tiles. Glue. Cardstock. Swarovski crystal. Glitter.  

You. Me. Your mom. Whatever.

I like it.

Mixed media, unconventional, conceptual art is my jam! I love it!

Smiling and having fun are also loves.

Life is too short to take yourself too seriously.

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